Ejiao Traditional Chinese Medicine to Overcome Anemia and Acne

Ejiao Traditional Chinese Medicine to Overcome Anemia and Acne

Traditional medicine from China, Ejiao, has long been used as a blood-boosting agent for people with anemia.

Ejiao which has also been produced into snacks and powdered forms, can also overcome the itchy throat due to dry cough. Women who want a smooth face and without acne, can choose treatment using ejiao in the form of masks and facial creams.

For the price, ejiao is sold in the traditional form priced at 7,000 Yuan per sheet or equivalent to Rp13 million.

Everyone from all over the world knows that China is famous for a variety of traditional medicine that is good for health. One of them is ejiao. Approximately 2,000 years ago, ejiao was made only for members of the royal family.

Yang Gufei, one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history, admits ejiao can take care of her beautiful skin.

Even today, Ejiao is recommended as part of President Xi Jinping's policy of developing the traditional medicine market there. In addition, some Ejiao-producing companies mention that the advantages of ejiao in men can make it stronger and live longer. As for women, Ejiao can keep skin young.

So, what exactly is contained in Ejiao?

Quoted from the site of The Guardian, Monday (20/2/2016) the most important ingredient of Ejiao derived from donkey skin gelatin. Along with market policies that promote Ejiao's traditional medicine, this has resulted in a lot of demand for soy skin.

Suddenly the price of soybean value is high in China. One of China's largest Ejiao-producing factories, Shandong-Dong-E-Jiao (DEEJ) said donkey leather dealers come from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Iran and Turkey. This fact is clearly criticized and criticized by animal activists because of the numerous donkey slaughtered for ejiao drug requests.